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Lamb Main Course

Kash Kash - Spicy minced lamb with parsley and onion, served on a bed of grilled tomatoes, served with pitta bread and rice - 10.45
Madznov Kebab - Spicy minced lamb, served on a bed of pitta bread, topped with a fried eggwith yoghurt and rice - 11.45
Shish Korovaz - Chunks of lean Lamb, marinated in olive oil, grilled with onions, green peppers and tomatoes, served with rice - 14.70
Tiblisi kebab - A skewer of shish and one minced lamb kebab served with rice - 13.25
Shashlik - Marinated lamb chops, grilled with onion, peppers and tomatoes, served with rice - 16.95
Armenian Goulash - An Armenian favourite made with pieces of slow cooked lamb, cooked in a rich red wine sauce, together with seasonal vegatables, served with rice - 13.25
Mixed Korovaz
Chef's Mixed Kebab - Mixture of shish, Lulu (minced lamb) lamb chop and chicken, cooked over charcoal, served with rice and griled vegatables - 14.70
Maksous Kebab - Mixture of shish and Taouk, served with rice ad grilled vegatables - 13.70
Chicken Korovaz
Chicken Taouk - Chicken breast, marinated in tahini, yoghurt and Armenian spices served with rice - 13.20
Judi Kebab  - Chicken breast marinated in lemon juice and olive oil, served with grilled vegatables and rice - 13.20
Mezalica - Tender breast of chicken cooked in mushrooms, parsley, white wine and cream, served with rice - 13.75
Steak - Marinated sirloin steak, cooked over charcoal and served with rice and mixed salad - 16.25


Fish Main Course


Halibut Kebab - Marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, cooked over charcoal, served with mix salad, grilled vegatables and rice - 17.45


King Prawns Armenian - King prawns sauteed in garlic, oil, parsley and white wine, served with rice - 16.45


Sea Bass - Fillet of Sea Bass, delicately grilled with olive oil and lemon juice - 14.75



Other Dishes


Koo Koo Omelette - Iranian style vegatable omelette made with spinage, Broad beans, french beans, potatoes and leeks - 9.00


Yershig Omelete - A mixture of spicy sausage pieces with eggs tomatoes, peppers and topped with sumac - 9.25


Masis' Specialities


Cous Cous Bidali - Seasonal vegatables stewed vegatables served on a bed of kosko grains - 10.40


Cou Cous Bil Hoot - Halibut fish, cooked over charcoal, served with kosko grains and grilled vegatables - 17.45


Cous Cous Royal - With miced lamb, shashlik and chicken served with kosko grains - 14.25

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