Masis' Valentines Banquet


Masis' Valentines Banquet will include all items on the Armenian Banquet plus more!


By choosing the this Banquet we will firstly supply all guests with a glass of Prosecco



  Starters: hummus, falafel, tabouleh, baba ganouge, dolma, fasoulia, kufta, yershig, mutabul, binirow borek and chef's lavish bread.


Main course: a selection of chef's mixed kebabs - chicken, minced lamb, lamb chop, cooked over charcoal, served with rice and a skewer of grilled onions, pepper and tomatoes.


To finish off there will be a selection of home made packlava - the most famed Armenian sweet having layer of pastry with a pistachio filling and topped with syrup!


(Minimum 2 people) £24.95 pp

Vegitarian alternative also available